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Monica's Story

Monica McDowell is a dynamic speaker, inspirational author, and expert practitioner in the areas of mind/body/spirit/energy healing and mystical spirituality.

She earned her Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in spiritual care and counseling and served as an ordained minister, spiritual director, and chaplain before her path turned to mysticism.

Monica's miraculous journey into mystical spirituality began during her tumultuous years as a whistle-blower. Regularly experiencing spontaneous healings, angels, visitations, seeing energy and auras, and the like catapulted her into a paradigm shift beyond compare.

The result was Monica's awakening to her Truest Self and becoming an energy healer. She has the distinction of being the first ordained minister in the USA to be granted civil rights in a precedent-setting federal ruling.

Read her book My Karma Ran Over My Dogma for the full story!

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Risen with Healing image ©Anneli Anderson. Live painting from Women’s Sanctuary. Used with permission.


Monica's Approach

Reiki/Energy healing is a powerful mind/body/spirit method that activates your own self-healing mechanisms, increases your energy levels, and  helps you clear blocks on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, vocational, financial), while at the same time giving you a greater sense of peace, love, joy, safety, and freedom. It is life-giving and life-changing and simply must be experienced to be believed!

An hour healing session with Monica may include the following modalities:     
- a time of introduction     
- a chakra (energy) reading     
- a 45 minute focused treatment that may include modalities:

Reiki Karuna® Holy Fire® III, Pranayama Breathwork, Chakra Breathing™, clearing, hands-on, Hara, Theta, EFT, Energy Medicine, Elemental Reiki, Sacred Circle Reiki, and Number Reiki, etc.)
- a guided visualization by Monica     
- intuitive messages and affirmations 
- the use of essential oils, sprays, etc., for in person sessions, if desired
- cost $105

A Spirituality of BEing

Sometimes I wonder ~
    after Rumi, why write?
What is there left to say after a master has spoken
    and everything essential has already been said~
    recorded for generations millennia ago?

For that matter, what is there left to sculpt~
    after beholding the perfection of a single daffodil?
Or to paint ~ after witnessing a thunderstorm and the unfolding skies have erupted in
     an array of pinks, purples, and reds so vibrant they rival even the glory of a
     peacock’s green and blue plumes?

Really, who can compete with that?
And what remains to be sung in a day~
    after the morning arias of the warbling winged 
    (their melodies far surpassing any diva’s)
    have finished until the morrow?

When a person has awoken to BEAUTY,
    is there ever a return to sanity?
When someone has burst open with LOVE,
    what is not consumed by that unquenchable flame?

When one goes beyond all Light to merge with the Deep
    ~that dark sea dissolving all ideas and identities of Self
    ~that formless Soup of non-being, less than nothing and more than everything
    ~that pregnant Void ceaselessly extinguishing and birthing all form~

Mind you, where then does one go next?

What is left to dream that has not already been dreamt?
And what of desire when one knows the secret of eternal contentment?

What is left to do? to create? to say? to write? to sing?
    when the Artist Nonpareil has already upstaged everyone for all time?
Tell me, what is left?

All I ever hear in reply is:

YOU are the art ~ a living masterpiece
    forged in an alchemist’s fire where creator and created forever emerge as One
YOU are the magic ~ transmuting the mundane into healing elixirs of immortality
YOU are the dancer and the dance in an infinite flow of Awareness.

All I ever hear is:

You are.
Just BE.
It is enough.


Copyright © 2010 Monica McDowell, MDiv



Who are you at your deepest core? Do you know? When you awaken to your Truest Self, everything changes.

No more searching, everything is already here. No more yearning, everything is already fulfilled. No more loneliness, you are One with All That Is. You are. Living free in the space of the pregnant void, which contains less than nothing and more than everything, being continually arises.  Who, what is that being?

All beingness arises from Divine Love. A spirituality of BEing embraces and celebrates the Oneness of all as well as the many, various manifested forms and levels of the Divine in the universe. The center of a non-dual spirituality is being, which in turn gives birth to creating. 

When you can live moment to moment from this place of integrated Awareness, miracles of Love, Joy, and Peace are part of your daily reality. 

Be Love. Be Joy. Be Peace. Because this is who you are.

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