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How to Use our Oracle Card Deck

Introducing: The Mystical Clarity Oracle Card Deck

by Lindsay Elvig with Monica McDowell

We are so excited to introduce you to our new oracle card deck! My daughter, Lindsay, designed every card and the two of us wrote the guidebook together. We're launching our kickstarter campaign this Wednesday! Be sure to follow our pre-launch page here to get all the early-bird deal notifications and all the updates on our progress.

Mystical clarity brings you…

…connection to your true nature, your mystical oneness with all that is.

…intuitive knowing, helping you discern the greater path, the bigger truth for you.

…insight as you co-create a loving world with your spiritual team of angels and guides and all of nature as your co-creators.

How to work with our Mystical Clarity Oracle Cards

In our deck you’ll find…

Number Cards

Timing Cards

Season Cards

Pendulum-Type Cards

Guidance Cards

Chakra cards

You can use our Mystical Clarity Oracle Cards completely on their own or in addition to other divination cards or systems. In some oracle card decks, upright v. reverse positions have meanings. In MCOC, some cards have reverse meanings and are noted in our guidebook.

You may use whatever spread and whatever shuffling method you choose. Before you shuffle, just make it clear what spread you intend to use and before you deal, make your questions very specific. If you need to, split the deck into two decks for ease of shuffling. Or you can use the cards by type of card only.

Like what you see? Join our campaign here, then on Wednesday, February 23rd, make a pledge to get your Mystical Oracle Card Deck (plus lots of tiers to choose from!), and look forward to enjoying the Universe’s messages to you! And please spread the word, so we meet our goal!

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