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The Oracle of Devor

​​A time of reckoning. The fulfillment of a prophecy.

This is why she is here.

But will peace or tumult reign in Devor?

A seer, a scryer, a waterwitch faces an unfathomable foe—a man full of fury and fire who seeks to destroy her and her adopted city, Devor. With only her tools to guide her, she journeys to save Devor and discovers her past is the secret to her present, and the future is full of dangers and surprises even this gifted soothsayer cannot foresee. Whether she is successful depends on factors beyond her control and on people she’s not sure she can trust. She is the lady-in-white, the Oracle of Devor.

Marianne Mersereau's Goodreads review

"Readers will delight in the beautifully drawn main character, Edora, in this action packed novel and in the magic that permeates it!"

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Paperback and Kindle Ebook

Available on Amazon


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