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You are Light

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Published in over 14 countries internationally!

 "You are Light. The Divine Spark within you shines brighter than ten thousand suns. You are an eternally burning ember in the flame of God."

These are words of illumination given for the here and now when millions of people are awakening to their Truest Selves and longing to live their lives from this sacred awareness. 

In this gentle and healing meditation book, Monica McDowell unveils 8 words that reveal a person's Truest Self. At the heart of each of the eight chapters is a vibrant spiritual message, followed by a practical workbook section to help you connect with your own inner guidance.

You are Light is a groundbreaking work that will take you to the brightest core of who you are, returning you to your Truest Self so you can flourish as you live out your Truest Life. 

Paperback and Kindle Ebook

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What Readers Are Saying

From the first prophetic words, “A new day dawns…” to the last breathtaking line, Monica leads us with clarity, grace, and beauty through the most important journey of our lives ~ to meet, greet, and fall in love with our truest selves. 

If you have ever wanted a deeper, more meaningful life, you will find it with the divine guidance of this amazing book.

It is magical—I am already rereading it! Monica McDowell is surely a guiding Light on this earth. 


~Sher Emerick, creator & executive producer of the television and internet series:

SAGE ~ A Deeper Journey™

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