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Reiki and Energy Healing Sessions

Life aligns with our innermost dreams and longings when we unfold from our core being

with all its luminous, divine energy. I offer sessions, workshops, books, and videos to give you healing, insight, and tools of alignment and enlightenment so you can be well and do well.

About Monica

An energy healer by day and a writer by night, Monica is an ordained minister who's meditated for countless hours on the virtues of chai lattes & chocolate. She is a Reiki Master and instructor (Karuna® Holy Fire 3®) through the International Center of Reiki Training and was the first ordained minister in the country ever granted civil rights by a federal appellate court ruling.


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One-on-One Reiki/Energy Session

Everything is energy. Even you!

I create a safe, healing space so everything in you that is ready to be released will be transformed and aligned in love and light.

My healing room is located in Lake Forest Park, just north of Seattle, WA, USA.

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Virtual Reiki/Energy Session

There is no distance in energy healing because ultimately, we are One. So no matter where you are in the world, my virtual and phone sessions make energy healing accessible for you from the comfort of your own home and space.

Energy Reading

Curious about your energy? I can read your chakras, energy fields, hara line, and more

to give you insights that will help you clarify your next steps towards healing and wholeness.

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Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

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A simple act of love creates ripples of healing

Yoga at Home

 I have met with Monica a number of times for a healing session. Each time I experienced deep healing. The most profound session was when she applied a process described by Barbara Brennan to heal traditional ancestral roots.  

 In every circumstance, Monica has been aligned with Divine Will, rooted in the power of her multi-dimensional knowing and gentle as she stimulates transformational change.  

 I highly recommend Monica in any of her multi-faceted capacities. Her integrity, wisdom, and experience provide a stable platform for all of her work.

~ Dr. Catherine Grytting, EdD

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