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This Season of Renewal: Do you know your ikigai?

One of the main reasons people find their way to a session with me is because their hara dimension needs some healing. The hara dimension is all about intentionality and soul purpose, and why your soul is embodied on the earth at this time. I emphasize at this time because soul purposes can change throughout one’s life. You might get through a series of lessons or achievements in life and then wham, everything changes. You lose your job, a global pandemic starts (!), a beloved one dies, or some other life-changing thing turns everything upside down. Or it could be that you’re just stuck, lost, not knowing what to do with your life, what direction you’re headed. These are all invitations into hara work and a renewing of your soul purpose.

The hara connects our divinity, with our individuated soul, with our embodied self, and with the earth. Quite the spectrum of energy and vibration to keep flowing smoothly! It’s a very subtle realm and thoughts and intentions and dramatic reactions to life experiences can very easily throw off our flow in this dimension and muddy up the new clarity we need and want for our current soul purpose.

The Japanese concept of ikigai hints at how we also might contemplate our soul purpose. I like this diagram because not only does it show the conjunction of possible avenues into the heart of what your soul desires to learn and do, it also shows what ISN’T your soul purpose. You may be good at many things, but if you don’t love them, there’s no passion (energy) there. And pursuing things just because you’re good at them isn’t going to provide clarity to your purpose or give you the energy you need to keep you going through the inevitable bumps and twists and turns that show up on the human road of life. Likewise, if the world needs something and you know a way that you can get paid to do that thing, but you don’t love it? You’re setting yourself up to bring in martyr/victim energy. And that's not likely to make you feel like you're in love with your life!

Take some time this Spring/Easter/season of renewal, to brainstorm, dream, contemplate:

  • what you love

  • what you’re good at

  • what you can get paid for

  • what the word needs

See if there are any things that check all the boxes that really light your fire and get your passion going, because that will provide the fuel to propel your forward. You might only have an inkling. You might only have a faint idea. No matter, take a small step and let the passion energy keep you going as you adapt, flex, and maybe even hop, skip, and jump into your next soul adventure!

If you need any help on the way, my sessions spend quite a bit of time repairing and strengthening the hara, so you can expand your gifts, find your soul purpose—your ikigai—at this time more easily and even spontaneously!

Clients who’ve had hara work done with me have quickly experienced:

  • sudden desires to go back to school, have done so with new degrees and started new successful careers

  • repairs in their ability to connect with people and new relationships have suddenly begun

  • big shifts in their desire to be here on the planet for the common good rather than escape, hide, or leave


copyright © Monica McDowell 2022

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Monica McDowell is a dynamic speaker, author, and practitioner in alternative wellness and spirituality. Find her on Thought Catalog here. She is the author of The Oracle of Devor, The Girl with a Gift, Confessions of a Mystic Soccer Mom, You are Light (internationally published by 6th Books in over 14 countries) and My Karma Ran Over My Dogma, and has the distinction of being the first ordained minister in America granted civil rights by a federal ruling. She lives in Seattle, Washington, USA, and can be reached at


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