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What's a mom to do? Her kids see auras and angels.  Divine visitations interrupt routine household chores, and random dogs mysteriously come and lie down at her feet.  Is Monica McDowell a domestic goddess gone mad or simply a mystic for whom spontaneous healings go right along with scrubbing soap scum off of shower stalls?

In Confessions of a Mystic Soccer Mom:  A Life Played with Feet in Both Worlds, Monica muses on events from her stranger-than-fiction life with an engaging voice and a quirky eye.  After experiencing a mystical rebirthing during her years as a whistle-blower, the adventures that continue to frequent her spiritual journey have cultivated in her a wisdom that is salty, down-to-earth, yet deeply challenging to conventional understandings of "the way things work."  Set half at the hearth and half in heaven, Confessions is a riveting read that will inspire women to reclaim their sacred feminine power by daring to weave the extraordinary into the everyday of their own lives.

Confessions of a Mystic Soccer Mom

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