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Carmina is a teenager whose younger sister, Mariana, has a gift, though some might call it a curse. When miracles and other strange things begin happening with children, animals, and even the weather, Carmina’s world is thrown upside down. No longer can she rely on math and science to save her. Carmina has to put aside her fears—both real and imagined, question her doubts about her family’s beliefs, and take a leap into the unknown.

But as disaster looms and Carmina tries to protect Mariana from the inevitable, she finds she is at the mercy of forces beyond her control. It will take everything Carmina has to be true to herself and discover her own path. This is a remarkable coming-of-age story about how mystery, the strength and beauty of a soul, and love for the earth show a questioning teenage girl what to live for.

The Girl with a Gift

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